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APC Version Information

You are running an older version of APC (3.0.19), newer version 3.1.13 is available at http://pecl.php.net/package/APC/3.1.13

Change Log:

APC 3.1.13

- fix num. segfaults by revert rev. 326820 and issue reported in bug #69972
APC 3.1.12

- Fixed bug (apc_bin_dump doesn't swizzle bucket arKey in HashTable) (Laruence)
- Fixed bug #62825 (php carshed OR return PHP Fatal error when used apc_bin_dump after apc_store) (Laruence)
- Fixed bug due to Conditional "jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)" in apc_op_ZEND_INCLUDE_OR_EVAL and apc_bin_dump (Laruence)
- Fixed bug #62802 (Crash when use apc_bin_dump/load) (Laruence)
- Fixed bug #62757 (php-fpm carshed when used apc_bin_dumpfile with apc.serializer) (Laruence)
- Fixed bug #62765 (apc_bin_dumpfile report Fatal error when there is "goto" in function) (Laruence)
- Fixed bug #61133 (segfault in tests/apc_bin_002.phpt) (Laruence)
- Fixed handling of userspace stream wrappers simulating file inclusion/requiring (Anatoliy, Rasmus)
- Fixed bug #62699 trait aliases and precedences handling (Anatoliy)
- Added cli built-in server tests (Anatoliy)
- Fixed filter regex freeing on request shutdown (Anatoliy)
- Fixed interned strings storage freeing on module shutdown (Anatoily)
- Fixed bug #61742 preload_path does not work due to incorrect string length (Anatoliy)
- Fixed several memory leaks it APCIterator (Anatoliy)
- Fixed potential overflows in bin dumps (Anatoliy)
APC 3.1.11

- In cli mode with stat=0 and canonicalize=1 make sure cwd is searched
- Fixed bug #62302 apc.include_once_override=1 made everything crash
- Fixed bug #59829 APC should not try to canonicalize file URLs
- Fixed bug #62398 stat=0 replaces an include/require filename with empty string
- Fixed bug #61799 Typo in 'SEARCH' regex of apc.php
- Fixed bugs #61824,61912,61956,62190,62230 ext/DOM memory corruption (cschneid)
APC 3.1.10

- Add PHP 5.4 support (Dmitry, Anatoliy, Pierre)
- Fixed bug #22679: Fix apc_bin_dump for constants. Use IS_CONSTANT_ENGINE_MASK to handle all the constants, including the unqalified ones (instead of ~IS_CONSTANT_INDEX check)
- Fixed bug #23822, php crashes on apache restart
APC 3.1.9

- Fix regression introduced in 3.1.8 (#22687)
APC 3.1.8

- Windows read-write locks support on Windows XP or later and Windows Win7
or later (use php_apc-xp.dll or php_apc-win7.dll)
- Fix variable type check in user cache update
- Make warnings that user cannot do anything about debug messages
- Fixed bug #21400 (Minor memory leak in MINFO)
- Fixed bug #18890: Ensure that --enable-apc-debug=no disables debug mode.
- Fixed bug #19459: check for expiry while looping through the iterator slots
APC 3.1.7

- pthread read-write locks support
- apc.serializer hooks, export apc_serializer.h as an API
- Fix regression bug #20529: Look up files in CWD
- Pool allocator fixes for large allocations
- trunk compat fixes (Kalle)
- ZTS fixes (Pierre, Hirokawa)
- Readability and warning fixes (Pierre, Kalle)
APC 3.1.6

- make slam_defense a little more optimistic, allow a thread/process to write to cache in a loop
- ensure realpaths hit the realpath_cache, in no-stat mode
- prevent memory starvation, nuke all caches when expunging just one doesn't work
- fix uploadprogress keylength issues (NUL is part of keylen, pecl bug #20016)
APC 3.1.5

- Reduce usage of CG(open_files) (mkoppanen at php dot net)
- Add support for php-trunk, new op code, new internals string format, etc. (Dmitry)
- apc_debug are not compiler-valid NOPs for non-debug builds

- Fixed relative paths resolution when ./foo/a.php or ../foo/a.php (or similar path)
are used. 'foo/a.php' path behaviors remain unchanged
- Fixed a possible memory corruption, when partial path cannot be resolved
by expand_filepath()
- Fixed notices in apc.php (Tomasz Krawczyk)

- Fixed Bug #17978: standardize user keys to include NULs in identifier_len. Z_STRLEN_P() doesn't, so add to it.
- Fixed bug #16966, apc produces tons of warnings "Unable to allocate memory for pool".

- Added --enable-apc-debug configuration argument to enable debugging (Kalle)
- Added support for internal debugging on Windows (Kalle)
- ZTS optimizations (Kalle)
APC 3.1.4

- Windows builds may now have filehits and memory protection if enabled (Kalle)
- Renamed the memory protection configure option to --enable-apc-memprotect (Kalle, Shire)
- ZTS fixes and optimizations (Kalle, Felipe)
- Win32 stat support (Pierre, Kalle)
- Added support for interned strings, run-time caches and Zend Engine 2.4 (Dmitry)
- Added apc_exists() (Rasmus)
- Fixed potential XSS in apc.php (Pierre, Matt Chapman)
- Fixed pecl bug #17597 (keys with embedded NUL) (Gopal)
- Fixed pecl bug #17650 (Fix goto jump offsets) (Gopal)
- Fixed pecl bug #17527 (Standardized error reporting) (Gopal, Paul Dragoonis)
- Fixed pecl bug #17089 (Scrub the constant table of all inherited members before caching) (Gopal)
- Fixed pecl bug #16860 (files can be included more than once even when include/require_once are used) (Pierre)
- Fixed pecl bug #16717 (apc_fetch dies after 1 hour, regardless of ttl settings) (Kalle)
- Fixed pecl bug #17597 (apc user cache keys with embedded NULs) (Gopal)
- Fixed pecl bug #13583 (apc upload progress fixes) (Gopal)